Hi I’m Sassy Von Sparkle and along with all the fabulous Instructors we bring you inspiring burlesque and cabaret classes throughout Scotland, Lothians, Borders and more recently into England.


As Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders longest established Burlesque, Cabaret and Showgirl Dance Fitness School. Our company ​motto of "Everybody is a Burlesque Body" is to inspire everyone to come dance, meet amazing new friends and feel amazing regardless of your age, shape, gender or beliefs.

We all love to sing and dance right? For me a song, a dance, a wee shimmy and a little strut of our stuff gives that little spring in the step and an extra confidence boost to face the day ahead. A wee pout and blowing a kiss to the mirror just before we leave seals it.

Teaching burlesque took that to a whole new Level for me, I never knew how much confidence such a class could install!! It was as a result of that feeling I decided to train as a dance instructor and let women feel the same about themselves as I do about myself. I’m not super fit or tiny in any shape or form but I absolutely love and embrace my curves and you know what – it’s true when they say that “confidence is the sexiest item you own” Let’s own it girls. Starting in Edinburgh with ten students we now operate through the whole of Scotland with in excess of 1500 people who's life we have helped change. It has been amazing to watch so many class dancers take to to stage and perform professionally in our sell out runs at Edinburgh Festival Fringe each year.

My life motto is “life won’t sparkle unless you do” so what you waiting for? Come join us and let’s all sparkle together.

I look forward to dancing with you all soon.

Sassy Von Sparkle